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beach beach family and teen beach day N1,T,TT,N7

medium 50 or 100  50-65 min 66 different  
contests stages and pools teen and adult beauty contest C,NC,WG

high 50 or 100  50-65 min 38 different  
sports campground teen sports F

high 50 or 100  50-65 min 28 different  
topless beach teen paddle ball, swim, talk N2,N3

medium 50 or 100  50-65 min 22 different  
eastern camps camp,lake family camping N72,N1I.,N1H,N7A

medium 50 or 100  50-65 min 4 different  
western camps camp family camping E

low 50 or 100  50-65 min 20 different  
pools pools family swim, slide N5,N5CL

medium 50 or 100  50-65 min 19 different  
outdoor showers camps family shower N4

medium 50 or 100  50-65 min 3  
picnics camps,pools family,teen picnic, swim P

high 50 or 100 59-65 min 6  



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The rhetoric of the nudism and anti-nudism movements emphasizes freedom from many of the normal constraints which regulate human interaction in nudist settings, although for different reasons. Using data from French and German beaches, this hypothesis was tested using five different indicators. Little significant variation between nudists and non-nudists within French and German settings is found in their patterns of interact ional spacing, while more significant main effects for differences of cultures are found regardless of nudity status.








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